The Ultramizers 2016 Demo

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Saturday Sept 1 @ The Ballard Choice Block Party

Saturday December 15 @ The Substation in Ballard 9 pm

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"The Ultramizers sound is at once accessible and profoundly funky-fresh".

The Ultramizers, from Seattle, WA formed in January of 2015. The idea for the project was simple: write some songs that sound good. Drummer Nick Cassese along with singer/guitarist Max Power enlisted the help of former band-mate and bassist John Correa and newcomer Brian Koser (guitar). The band, influenced primarily by alternative, indie, and punk rock spent close to a year writing new material and in December of 2015 began recording.

In March of 2016 The Ultramizers released their self-titled debut. The 4 song demo proves to be a rousing showcase of the the band's furious musicianship. Full of lush harmonies and poignant lyrics, The Ultramizers sound is at once accessible and profoundly funky-fresh. Upon first listen the rumors of the record's greatness were confirmed - The Ultramizers demo lives up to the hype. It is nothing less than a musical tour de force. An instant/soon-to-be classic.

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